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Hello everyone

Hope you are all well and enjoying this fabulous weather.  I had a super time in Las Vegas, with some fabulous trips to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon.  I also did my sky dive too which was absolutely amazing.  My instructor was terrific and did a fabulous job keeping me safe which I was grateful for.  It was such a thrilling thing to do and I'm so glad I got to do it.  I just wanted to keep you all updated on the new site.  It is almost ready, all I need to do is upload the photos and video sets for you.  I've been working on it all day today and will carry on tomorrow and over the weekend.  All the older sets will be on first, because I expect some of you have your favourite things you like to look at, followed by my newest sets and videos that you have not seen.  Please email me if I miss something out because there is approx 8 years worth of material to sort out.  Please see my photo below of my skydive, when the parachute opened.  I'll be back in touch very soon.

Love and kisses to all  Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

16 July 2014


Hi there boys and girls

Hope you are all keeping well and having fun.  Just an update before I leave for my holiday.  The site is almost ready to be launched, only another week or so then you will see the new look Lady Lucy.  I've been busy this week, doing some great shoots and sunbathing in the garden.  Well - you've got to take advantage of the sun haven't you?  Looking forward to seeing you all on my return and I've got lots of saucy ideas - so keep a look out for them.  Here's a cheeky upskirt picture showing my legs and bottom as I bend over in tiny skirt and blue fully fashioned nylons.

Love and kisses  Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3 July 2014


Hello once again

What beautiful sunshine we're having at the moment, I am loving it.  Been spending quite a lot of time outside working on photo sets and videos.  As you all know the website is getting a different look in a few weeks time and I wanted to say thank you to everyone for being patient and understanding.  I shall be running the website by myself and am very excited at the prospect of becoming a sexy webmistress.  Not only am I planning on recording all my naughty exploits but I am also going to try my hand at becoming a photographer too, so look out for some very naughty ladies adorning these pages.  Of course a shoot with me wouldn't be the same without me getting a nice squeeze of the models assets.  Do you think I'll get away with it boys and girls?? hee hee!!!  Well, last week I was frantically busy sorting out the details for the new site and also had a trip up to see my good friend Garry Hunt who runs  We're busy planning some new photo sets and videos for you all to see.  This week I'm busy with work, and also going up to work for so that should be a lot of fun.  Hope you have a great week and I'll be back again before I go to Las Vegas!!

Love and kisses

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello everyone

Hope you're well and enjoying my website, I've been really busy lately working on various projects dates with Lady Sonia for her website and working with photographers both professional and amateur.  Just to let you all know that my website will have a different look at the end of June.  I really hope you all love the look and please feel free to email me with your comments.  I love getting naughty in my photo sets and teasing you in my saucy videos.  Have a look at my latest sneaky peak of the bored secretary, left alone in the office, deciding to have some fun with herself.  Wearing new coral seamed nylons, short skirt and heels; this one is sure to excite you.  Donít forget I am on twitter and you can find me, just type in Lucy Gresty.  Planned for the summer is a facebook page detailing me as Lady Lucy: be sure to follow my sexy exploits and like and share my clips and photos.

My sky dive is almost upon me and I am just so excited about that.  I canít wait to jump out of the plane and free fall at 120mph.  For those of you that know me, I am going to talk you into doing one too, you only live once!!!

Today I have been working with a lovely chap, toggie called Tony T from Leics, who has shot me for a naughty Dutch Milf site.  As soon as I get the details I will let you all know and he has promised me a shoot with his sexy partner Sara.  Mmm I am looking forward to that one.

Enjoy the beautiful weather everyone and Iíll be on again soon for another update.

Love and kisses

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

11 June 2014



Big hugs and kisses to you all

Did you all have a nice Easter break?  I hope so.  I really enjoyed my Easter weekend and ate quite a few Easter Eggs hee hee.  In fact, I have quite a few left so I am going to make a rich chocolate tiffin with hob nobs - mm very tasty.  Well, lots of news on the Lady Lucy front!!  I have been working with Garry Hunt this past week for the Aunt Judy's site and a few days previously to that I was wrestling for Festelle, with the lovely Lily, Axa Jay, Jada and Tina as my partners in crime.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the challenge.  Ashamed to say though that I lost all my matches but I did put up a brave fight especially against Jada who was really strong and pinned me every time.  I've had quite a few photo shoots with different photographers and been asked by Lady Sonia to visit her again on the 1st May, so that should be a good day.  Other exciting news is that I am going to be skydiving in Las Vegas in July!!!  I thought that I really should do it, once in my lifetime so I went ahead and booked a tandem skydive - I shall be getting it all on video and will post it here when it's completed.  You can all have a laugh at me trying to look elegant 15000 feet in the air.  Anybody who has already done it, please email me with your story, I would love to hear from you.  In the meantime, here's a sexy teacher shot of me in one of my latest shoots with Garry.

Big hugs and kisses to all,    Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 23/04/14


Hello to you all

At last spring is in the air and the beautiful flowers are out everywhere.  I do love the sunshine!!  I've just returned from a trip to Portugal with my lovely friend Red.  We stayed in a pretty villa just outside Tavira, which was nice and relaxing.  Every day was sunny and we toured around and also took some time to take some photos too.  Work has seen me travelling up to Garry Hunt in Leicester who has been taking some wonderful photos and videos of me for my website.  Really hope you all enjoy them as I had so much fun working with Garry.  Here's a little taster below of me in my white blouse and leather skirt, just before the action begins LOL.  Tuesday was my birthday so I decided not to work and just take things nice and easy for a change.  On Wednesday I travelled up to Lincolnshire to work with Lady Sonia for her website; what an amazing lady and very friendly too.  I hope to be seeing more of her in the near future.  Today I have been to the Fine and Dandee studio in Wokingham where I had a wrestling session with the very experienced wrestler Alan who put me through my paces.  It was a great laugh and he showed me some new moves which I look forward to using when I next see some of my wrestling friends.  Enjoy your weekend everyone and look forward to blogging again next week. 

Love and kisses Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 27 March 2014


Happy Valentines Day to you all xxxx

Hope you are all keeping well and having a great valentines day so far.  I've been very busy since Christmas working on my website and doing some webcam work.  I've also had lots of lovely emails from you complimenting me on my photos and videos that you have seen on here and also elsewhere on the web.  I am modelling for amateur photographers so if you fancy doing a photo shoot please get in touch.  The wrestling is still going extremely well and I have been enjoying making some new videos and visiting clients old and new.  Thank you to everyone who has booked me thus far and for your input and ideas on the website.  Here's a little piccie for you to celebrate Valentines Day.

Love and kisses         Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year for 2014

Hello to you all and really hope you had a lovely Christmas Day and enjoying the festive season.  I've been having a great Christmas at home with family and friends.  Thank you so much to you all for your support and bookings throughout 2013.  It has been a wonderful year for me with a return to a lot of the modelling sites and an appearance in Razzle too.  I hope you've been enjoying the site and the new photo sets that are appearing weekly along with the videos.  I've had quite a few emails from fans requesting longer videos so in a little while you will be seeing a longer show time with me.  I have been doing a little bit of wrestling recently and have surprised myself with a few new moves.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not super competitive but I do love the role play and know all the holds, scissors and pins so if you fancy a wrestle please email me.  Also any new ideas you have please let me know and I will be including them on the site.  Here is a sneak preview of me in one of my latest sets dressed as my favourite movie star.

Love to you all,  Big hugs and kisses  Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello to you all

Hope you're all well and enjoying life.  Just a quick mention to everyone that after many years I am now in the current edition of Razzle again as a sexy school teacher!!  It's on sale NOW so be sure to get a copy if you want to.  Those of you who remember my days as a monthly columnist in Razzle will be pleasantly surprised. It's a trip down memory lane for me LOL.  I am just back from Leicester after my shoot with Garry Hunt.  It was a great day with some great photo sets.  Look out for more new photo sets of me on the website very soon.  Big love and kisses to you all.

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  1 November 2013


Hi everyone

Well I've been really busy lately, working and having fun too.  I had a great time in Ireland, walking everywhere and really enjoying the food and drink that was on offer.  Since I got home I've been doing lots of photo shoots and wrestling sessions.  I worked with the lovely Gilly Sampson a couple of days ago and it was so good to catch up with her and have a good gossip.  Red and I have been working together as well; we went to our good friend's house on Trafalgar day and had a duo wrestling session with the two musketeers ;-0  as usual they ended up pinned on the floor, but we all had a great laugh, some fantastic food and wine and a few cheeky photos too.  This Thursday I shall be going to the Fine and Dandee studio in Wokingham for a video/photo shoot and on Friday I'll be playing tennis and then going to do some webcam work.  Next week sees me travelling to Leicester to work with Garry Hunt for Anilos and on Saturday night I'll be doing a rain wear fashion show in London.  That's always good fun and I always meet the most lovely people.  Keep checking out my site for fabulous photo sets and videos.  Here's a saucy photo of me, wearing a t-shirt given to me by a photographer, called Doggy Style Evolution.  It's great fun!!!

   22 October 2013



Hi everyone

Hope you're all well and enjoying life.  September has been a busy month for me.  I've been doing lots of different photo sets and videos.  Last time I wrote I had been featured on and talked about a shoot for Aunt Judy's.  I've been on that site and am proving popular so look out for more updates there.  I've been up to Edinburgh for some wrestling sessions and had a great time.  Also did a shoot for Escort Magazine so will let you know when that appears and you can take a look at that.  Hope you're all enjoying the site especially those vintage Lucy videos in Loyalty.  I'm off away this weekend for a little break in Ireland.  Can't wait to do the proper tourist thing and go walking.  Talking about walking, I've been on a special exercise regime to get toned and fit but I've got to be careful I don't go too far and lose pounds off those lovely boobs.  I'm also getting nice and tanned, I found a vertical tanner that also vibrates and tones you at the same time - how cool is that?  Worked with my lovely friend Red last week in Chelmsford and we had a good old laugh and giggle.  Here's a little pic of me taken by Garry Hunt for  




Hello boys and girls

 How are you all?  Just wanted to let you know I've been busy this week.  I worked for a photographer, name of Scott Balfour who does shoots for a website called  they just put my set up today Friday 30 August 2013.  There I am dressed in a classy suit, with blouse, heels and tan ff nylons.  See my video there and hope you all enjoy it.  I also worked with my friend Red today.  We had a double wrestle session with two would be foes, but we soon had them all tied up in knots and begging for mercy.  Red and I work a lot together and are available for photo shoots and wrestling sessions.  Please email me for details.  I'm having a nice relaxing weekend and then back to work next week, a semi competitive wrestling session and on Weds I have a shoot booked in with a new photographer.  Thursday sees me travelling to Leicester to work with Garry Hunt for Aunt Judy's.  Enjoy the weekend everyone and I'll be back soon.

Love and kisses Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Hi there everyone

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and have been on a nice holiday.  I've just come back from my holidays and feel really relaxed and ready for shoots and work again.  I had a brilliant day on Friday 16 August, I did a photo/video shoot for Bills Honeys as a guest girl.  Those photo sets will be out in November so I'll be sure to let you all have the link just before the pictures go live.  Hope you've all been getting a good look at my updates on Lady Lucy and liking what you see.  Don't forget, please email me with any thoughts and ideas that you may have and I'll be glad to shoot them for you.  I have an upcoming shoot in September for Aunt Judy's so once again, I'll find out when the photos are going to be published and let you know.  I have some more wrestling work coming up with the fabulous Red and am really looking forward to that.  She's a great lady.  Have fun everyone and I'll be in touch again soon.

Love and kisses

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday 18 August 2013


Hello boys and girls

Well. what awful weather we are having lately.  Where is the summer and when is it arriving?  It's almost Wimbledon again and I am getting my tent ready!!!  I always like to camp out for tickets as it is just such good fun and a barrel of laughs, not to mention getting excellent tickets to see your favourite player in action. This year I'll be camping out with a good friend and also meeting a lovely girl Mischa who I used to dance with many years ago in the Sport Roadshow.  It'll be so good to catch up with her and find out what she's been up to since I saw her last.  In a couple of weeks time I'll be working with another beautiful lady that I haven't seen for ages either, Charmaine Sinclair.  I'm sure many of you remember our video together, that was a real scorcher.  Since I last wrote my blog I've been really busy working and also had a couple of mini holidays.  This week I was working with the lovely Red on a fetish shoot, we dressed in vintage lingerie and nylons with our thigh boots.  She is such a fabulous girl and looks amazing in her photos, I think we should get together more often!!  I hope you are all enjoying my site - just to let you know there are more sultry photo sets on the way along with some new wrestling videos too.  Here's a sample of my sexy secretary look.  Please email me if you have any ideas or just to say hello, I'd love to hear from you.


Love and kisses Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  15 June 2012


A Big Hello to everyone

 Hope you are all keeping well.  I can't believe it's past Easter already, this year seems to be flying past at a rate of knots.  It doesn't seem like yesterday that I was wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2013.  A lot has been happening for me this year and I've been keeping busy working on all your naughty photos and sexy videos.  In February I visited Portugal to see my old friend and artist Laurence, the sun shone every day and it was just so refreshing to be out of this cold climate we have in England at the moment, although I do think that at long last, Spring is in the air.  I have been working at Moments Studios in Surrey on some new photo sets for the website, I really hope you like them.  I've put a little teaser for you at the bottom of this blog. Last week I was on holiday in Devon, really enjoying the sunshine although the wind was very cold so I had to wrap up warm.  I did indulge in a cream tea though which was utterly delicious.  I am still doing some wrestling, as you will see by the latest video Lazy Rob and also one to one sessions.  I had an enquiry from a fan who wanted to see some bare leg photos of me on the site, well his wish has been granted and they will be coming up in the next month or so.  Please keep your ideas coming everyone as I am always happy to shoot new and interesting things.  Keep smiling and enjoying life.  Lots of love and kisses

Lucy xxxxxxxxxx 

8th April 2013


Hello boys and girls

Happy New Year for 2013

Just wanted to wish you all the best for the coming year in 2013.  Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and a great New Year.  I've been tucking into all sorts of delicious food and drinking cocktails and my fave blue wkds.  Have you ever tried a Rivoting Raspberry, it is so so tasty, made with champagne, vodka and fresh raspberries.  Oh its wonderful.  I didn't drink too many this year, unlike last year when I made myself ill with them ha ha.  Here's to a great year ahead, and I  hope you love all my ideas for the site.  Please email me if you get a few moments and let me know what you enjoy and what you hope to see more of.  I'm back at work tomorrow, an outside shoot brrrrrr, luckily I have to wear leather boots and a tight leather skirt so that should set a few eyebrows raising and also some other parts too hee hee hee.  Lets hope it doesn't pour with rain.  I'll be back in touch again very soon.


Love and kisses Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello boys and girls

 Happy December to you all!!  Hope you're all keeping well and avoiding all the sickness bugs and flu that's been going around.  I caught a dose last weekend and felt very poorly.  Ah it did ruin my weekend as I had made plans and had to cancel.  Last time I blogged I was telling you all about the upcoming shoot with Billie and Tammie Lee.  Well that has now happened and I have to say that I got some excellent photos and video from that day.  I'm so pleased with the results and I hope you enjoy them once they appear on the website.  Now I know a lot of you remember the lovely Sarah Daniel from the days when I first started modelling.  I was working with her last week and also yesterday on a busty video, can you believe it a pair of 38 E's and an even bigger pair on show.  We had so much fun doing that video, it was a lot of laughs and also some sexy fun too ;-)   Just to make you all aware you can now follow me on twitter, its twitter@LucyGresty so come on every one get tweeting me and we'll have some fun.  I've been making some excellently rude and dirty videos lately, one a sexy Christmas story, showing all of my charms and using the most dirty talk I can think of.  Also I'll be doing a fetish video in hot black spiky killer heels being very dominant and in charge and some outdoor stuff in sexy boots and short skirts.  Oooh a thrill up the tunnel in this icy weather hee hee hee.  Hope you've all done your Christmas shopping and got everything you wanted, I'm still going with my list and think it'll take me some time yet as there aren't enough hours in the day.  Stay warm everyone and keep thinking those sexy thoughts.

All my love and kisses Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

6 December 2012



Hello everyone

How are you all doing since I last wrote my blog?  I hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to the weekend.  Hurray it's Friday. I've been playing tennis today and had a fabulous time, all that wind whistling up my skirt, cor it was quite a breeze.  I had to come home and have one of my favourite drinks, a blue wkd ;-)    I've been so so busy these past few weeks working and generally running around like a crazy woman.  This week I had a wonderful shoot with J, a chap who had emailed me and asked if he could take some photos.  I travelled into London and went on the tube, christ it's been ages since I went on the underground, I forgot how fast they were, I had to hold on for dear life hee hee.  I met J at a lovely hotel in Waterloo and had a drink and a chat with him.  I then changed into my sexy black lingerie, with black nylons and sandals and posed all around the room.  Some wonderful shots of me standing and then reclining on the bed.  I slowly stripped down until I was wearing nothing.  J took some wonderful nude shots of me which looked fabulous.  He was very happy with the shoot and I left just before 10pm, and managed to get back home in just under 2 hours.  Yesterday was a mad mad day as well.  I drove down to Wokingham to my friend Dynamo's studio which she has just opened.  It's a lovely place with a room for wrestling and a dungeon which I used to shoot some photos and videos of me and the lovely Shay Hendrix.  Also at the studio she has a bed set and a lounge setting, all of which I used for my photos of Shay and I.  Look out for those in the near future!!  On Monday I am driving to Birmingham to work with Tammie Lee so more fabulous, teasing shots for the site.  I had a lovely email from R who just loves the masturbation instruction and he asked me to do some JO signs.  Well, just to let you know that those have been done by Shay and me yesterday in the lounge while we were wearing out nylons and heels.  If anybody else has any ideas please let me know.  I am planning on more wrestling and scissoring very soon.  Enjoy your weekend boys and girls and have fun fun fun.  Here's a little picture of me in my red satin negligee, my fishnets and fetish heels.

Love and kisses  Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   Friday 16 Nov 2012 




Hi Guys

 I must apologise for not writing this blog sooner, I deserve a smacked bottom don't I?  I hope you all had a lovely summer and managed to fit a holiday in there somewhere.  I went to Devon for a week and indulged in lots of cream teas and even managed to get on the beach one day, when a rare summers day appeared.  I also went on a lovely cruise around the Canary Islands and the weather there was absolutely beautiful, so warm and sunny, I managed to get a slight tan on my curvaceous body.  Really hope you've all been enjoying the site, looking at all the sexy photos and videos.  My webmaster is back from his holiday in America this Friday 26th October so there will be a fresh update next week for you all.  I've been ever so busy lately with work: last week I was doing battle with Shay Hendrix in a naughty sexfight.  We both had a lot of fun and games with that one and the lovely Shay has introduced me to a sexy new lady called Tammie Lee, who I hope will be appearing on my site in a months time.  I've been doing lots of photo shoots with different people who have emailed in and wanted to take photos of me themselves.  The shoots have ranged from rubber mistress to classy lady dressed in nylons and lingerie.  My friend Billie and I have been doing some duo wrestling together, and she has just announced that she will be doing some solo sessions as well, so if anyone is interested please email me and I will put you in touch with her.  Billie is draped all over the pages of this site so you won't have to go too far to find her.  I hope you all have a really great week and I'll be in touch again very soon.

Love and big big kisses

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday 22 Oct 2012



Hi Guys

 I am back from Canada now, where I had a lovely relaxing time, the weather was lovely and warm and I got a bit of a suntan.  Hope you've all been well and keeping healthy.  I've been watching the tennis this week and now that my favourite Rafa has gone out, I'll be hoping that maybe Djokovic or Murray can win.  Thought you'd like to see me in my tennis gear so have put a little pic in down below.  I've had an interesting week thus far.  I had an outside shoot with a great guy nicknamed lumpyone: we drove into the countryside and found a field to shoot in.  I started off in my fishnet dress and then changed into red lingerie which looked fabulous against the green field. Then we drove off again and decided to pull into another field and wear black basque and stockings this time.  I heard a clopping noise and said to lumpyone "I think I hear a horse".  Anyway we looked around and there was no one in sight so we carried on shooting.  Then lumpyone says "I can hear a horse now".  I dived into the car and seconds later a lady appeared on a horse, she trotted up and asked for a fee to use the field.  We didn't have any money on us so we drove out of there as quick as we could.  Ha ha that was a lot of fun.  Today I had a wrestle session with my friend the chef who also made me a lovely cake.  I was dressed in red fishnet bodystocking and red heels which looked great and went down a treat.  Little does he realise that by eating all of his cakes, I am putting on weight and can pin him down so he really can't get up!!  Future plans this week include more webcam work and also a sexfight with Natasha and Billie who I am sure will go hell for leather at it.  I hope you all enjoy yourselves and I will be in touch again very soon.

Love and big kisses Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday 3 July 2012


Hi Guys

 Well, I promised I would not be so long in writing my news this time and here I am.  Hope you are all well and keeping busy but enjoying yourselves at the same time.  This week I have been working with Natasha aka MissPinkCupcakes and we had an amazing time.  On Tuesday we made a sexfight video dressed in short skirts, tight tops, teamed with fishnet hold ups and high heels.  I loved shooting the video with Natasha,, she is very sexy and a bundle of fun.  I hope all you sexfight fans enjoy watching us doing our sexy trib positions and playing with each other.  Wednesday I was at the Fetish Studio in Reading doing another shoot with Natasha but this time we were dressed the part in black latex dresses.  We had a lot of fun with our slave who took quite a whipping and to make things even spicier Natasha and I did a scissor video with him as well.  Natasha and my thighs were no match for the pathetic wimp who had to endure forward and reverse head scissors, standing scissors and body scissors.  Well after all the rough treatment we had to give him a treat so we face sat him hee hee hee.

As the Euros have started this past week I have in my galleries a set of photos with me dressed as a sexy referee.  I don't think the footballers would concentrate if I turned up on the pitch wearing my sexy dress and long socks with heels ;-)  they'd be fighting as to who got given a red card first so I could see to them in the dressing room.  Ha ha ha.  Today I have been to the salon to have a pedicure and some sexy lashes put on.  I'm really thrilled as I love a good pampering.  Tomorrow I am playing tennis in the morning and then having my hair done too.  On Sunday I am off to Canada for a week to visit a good friend, so it will be a nice break.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been watching me on cam and supporting me with the website, I really appreciate it and I also want to thank all those people who book me on a regular basis for photo shoots , private videos, wrestling sessions, webcam shows and sexy phone calls.  I shall be in touch again when I return from Canada.

Lots of love and big kisses to you all.

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

14 June 2012



Hi Guys

Sorry I haven't blogged for a complete age, lots has been happening since I wrote my last blog.  I had a fantastic holiday in Florida, which was really exciting.  I went out every day to different theme parks, water parks and zoos.  The weather was beautiful and I managed to get a nice light tan which I am keeping up by visiting the sun bed every week.  It's the stand up variety where you go inside naked and just listen to the music.  I'm finding it very enjoyable and love the feel of the hot air against my skin plus I am getting a little browner too all over.  I haven't appeared on the TV channel now for over a month as I am taking a well earned break away from night shifts.  I may return again in a few months to the screens, I will keep you posted on that.  I have been doing my wrestling sessions and also some new photo and video sets for this website too.  I used a very nice studio in Redhill, Surrey which has some amazing back grounds and I hope to return there in a few months time.  As the weather has been so beautiful I also did some photo shoots outside which were brilliant and a lot of fun.  I have also been webcamming too on Adultwork and that is going exceptionally well.  If you guys haven't managed to find me on there yet you'll be pleased to know you can book me on skype for a private show.  Please email for details

Coming up I am working with the very sexy Natasha also known as MissPinkCupCakes, please see her link on this website.  We'll be doing a shoot at the Fetish Studio together and also with a slave who we'll call the pathetic loser.  We'll sort him out!!!

I'll also be doing a sexfight with the horny Natasha and that will be available on the website at the end of June. 

I promise I won't be so long in blogging next time, lots of love to you all and I hope you enjoy the sunshine.

Love and kisses  Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2 June 2012


Hi Guys

 I hope you are all well and getting ready for the weekend ahead, apparently it's going to be lovely and sunny and a big bonus is the clocks going forward so we have an extra hour of daylight, perfect for those outdoor evening shoots. Thank you all once again for your support when I appeared on channel 950 on Weds night.  It was a lot of sexy fun to talk to you and I did make a promise on one phone call to do some sexy feet shoots in the near future.  I always enjoy my nights on the Redlight Channel and hope to be on again in May, please look here at the blog for future dates. 

I've been very busy since I last wrote this blog, working most days.  I've been having a lot of fun wrestling and the other day I learnt some new moves, the rocking horse and the double arm lock.  One of my customers is really keen on all the technical aspects of wrestling and he is an excellent wrestler having done some training in Italy, so he showed me some more moves that I can incorporate into my videos and sessions.  I have also been working on a fetish shoot where I was asked to wear some leather outfits which I thought were extremely sexy, (see pic below), I just love the feel and smell of leather, its fabulous.

Well everyone, good news, it's my birthday on Sunday ha ha and I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm going out to dinner and will be drinking some delicious pink champagne, so much so that I intend to get a little bit tiddly.  Well, why not, you only have one birthday a year right ;-)  and then in 10 days time I am off to Florida for a lovely holiday in the sunshine.  I can't wait to get on the plane and escape for a while.

I hope you are all enjoying the site and just to let you know that I am hoping for the Shay Hendrix and Dani shoot at the end of April.

Lots of love and big big kisses to you all.

Love Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday 23 March 2012

Hi Guys

How are you all?  I had an amazing time last night on the Redlight TV Channel 948.  It was good to be back again and talking to so many of you.  Thank you so much for calling me and I'm glad you enjoyed seeing me in my sexy red fishnet dress and my black and red lingerie with black ff nylons and pvc black heels.  I've been so busy lately with my webcam and also doing private shoots too.  I worked with Badman last Weds evening in a two girl shoot with the beautiful Shay Hendrix who was all dressed up in her domme gear and me in my maids outfit.  I so enjoyed that shoot and am thinking of another sexy shoot with Shay for the website in April.  What do you think guys?  Who else shall I get for the shoot?  I was thinking the lovely Dani who I worked with before Christmas or I could get Red who is another sexy stunner.  That way it would be a blonde, brunette and redhead together, what a combination.  Mmmmm I'll have a think about that one and let you know.

Coming to the site very shortly is a photo set entitled sexy school ma'am where I'm wearing a teachers cape, mortarboard, black tights and black heels and nothing else!!  Accompanying it is a very sexy video clip which I'm sure you'll love.  I certainly loved making that one. Anymore ideas be sure to write in and let me know.  The rest of this week I'm going to be shooting tomorrow for some private video clips and also Friday is my tennis day and indulgent trip to town for a coffee which makes me all jittery and talk 19 to the dozen and a delicious cake.  Oh my mouth is watering now!!!  Have a great weekend everyone and we'll catch up soon.

Love and kisses Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Weds 7th March 2012                                    





Hi Guys

So sorry I've not been in touch lately.  A big Happy Valentines day to you all and I really hope you got lots of cards and gifts too.  I'm eating chocolates at the moment which are super delicious.  I've been very busy with one thing and another since I last wrote this blog.  I do hope you have all been enjoying the site.  I've quite a few shoots planned for the future so do watch this space.  I haven't been on tv since January, I've been having a break from that but I will be appearing again on March 6th on your screens.  I've been working on webcam and doing lots of little clips and sexy photos too.  Over the weekend I was in Portugal with a friend of mine, Laurence who I've known now for 25 years.  He started as an artist in the 1940s and has worked with many different models over the years both here in the UK and in his own photo studio in Canada.  Escaping the snow he asked me to accompany him to Portugal for a few days which was lovely.  The sun shone every day and the temperature was lovely and warm but not quite warm enough for a bikini.  I enjoyed the famous rose wine and lots of delicious prawns to eat.  I'm back now though and going up to Yorkshire on Thursday to visit a family friend.  Friday night I have a photo shoot with a glamour photographer locally.  I'll be back in touch soon with you all.

Love and kisses  Lucy xxxxxxxx      

14th February 2012  


Hi Guys

Well what a fabulous week I've had, it's been brilliant.  Sunday night I was on channel 948 on Redlight TV and had a lot of phone calls with all you fabulous men out there.  Monday I slept in until 1pm as I was really tired from working the night shift.  On Tuesday I had a wrestling session with an old customer of mine who has been coming to see me for years.  He also made me a beautiful carrot cake which didn't last too long I can tell you.  It was really delicious.  On Wednesday I was working for Topcatz, a cat fighting and wrestling site with my friend Red and also Gilly Sampson.  It was a really fun day and was filmed in a little studio in Wokingham.  All us girls had a good giggle and a right old gossip.  Today I've been on the webcam.  I think tomorrow I'll play tennis and then go to have a lovely coffee and some cake in town.  A nice treat for me.  Hope you all have a really wicked weekend.

Love and kisses  Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 26 January 2012


Hi Guys

 I hope you are all well and feeling good.  I have been very busy since the start of the year working on the website and also started webcamming too.  I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who called me last Wednesday while I was on TV at Redlight.  It was so good to talk to you and hear what you had to say about the site and that also many of you had been fans since the Razzle days.  I can't believe it will be 25 years this year since I have been working in the modelling industry.  Wow how does time fly when you're having fun.  This week I will be working with a really old friend of mine called Doug who likes to video me in lycra swimwear and also little mini skirts with tights and stockings.  I think the upskirt look is a very good one don't you?  On Wednesday sees the start of my scissor queen videos.  I have asked a friend to star in the videos along side me so we will be filming that and hopefully it will be up on the site in the next few weeks.  I also had a request for black pantyhose too which is a lovely idea.  I hope to also be shooting that set on Wednesday time permitting.  As usual I will be playing tennis on Friday to keep myself fit and have a bit of fun.  Have a great week everyone and I will be back on again very soon.

Love and kisses  Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

16th January 2012



Hi Guys

Happy New Year to all of you, and best wishes for the coming year 2012.  I've only just started working again as I took some extra days off just to chill out and relax.  I've been webcamming all this week dressed up in stockings, lingerie, tights, dresses and of course my sexy high heels.  I'm planning a wonderful shoot with a lady who is a member of the site.  She's emailed me and sent in her photo and she looks great so please look out for the photos and videos which will be coming next month.  Also to come in the next month or so is Lady Lucy Scissor Queen which will be on the wrestling side of the website.  So for all you scissor fans, you get to see Lady Lucy's sexy strong thighs scissoring an unfortunate man or fortunate as the case may be.  Tomorrow evening I have a booking with a gentleman in Uxbridge, a photo shoot so I am really looking forward to that.  If you want to get a cam booked guys you can find me on under ladylucy1 or you can email me at this website to sort out a booking directly via skype or yahoo messenger.  I am on adultwork most days from 11am to 2pm.

Love and kisses to you all  Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5th January 2012




Hi Guys

I hope you've all had a really lovely relaxing Christmas and enjoyed all the eating and drinking.  It's been good for me this year because I didn't have to cook which was great.  All I had to do was just sit myself down at the dinner table and everything was put in front of me.  What a wonderful day!!

Many thanks to all my callers last night who rang me on Ch 950 Redlight  TV.  I wore my pink and black frilly basque along with my sexy black nylons and purple satin shoes.  As usual I managed the crab and bent my legs right over my head again.  Hee hee.  I always enjoy chatting to all you guys, it makes the evening go with a bang!!

I've got a couple of photo shoots on between now and the new year with my regular photographers.  I thought about planning to do a lot more outside shoots next year come rain or shine.  Think it would be nice to wear my ff nylons in the rain and be walking along showing off my sexy legs.  Please if anyone has anything special they'd like me to feature be sure to email and let me know all about it.

Hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve and I'll be in touch again very soon.

Love and kisses Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

27 December 2011


Hi Guys

I've been very busy lately working on the website and making video clips.  Thank you very much to all of you who called me last week on redlight tv.  It was a real pleasure to talk to you all and have some naughty conversations.  Don't forget I'm on tomorrow night Tues 20 Dec at 10pm.  Crumbs I can't believe it's only 5 days until Xmas and I haven't got all my presents wrapped up yet.

I've also been working on the webcam too, which is going very well.  I am going to be on regularly after 3 January and at odd times over Xmas.  I'll try to post up the times here on my blog.  If you want to see me check on this link

19 Dec 2011


Hi Guys

I hope you are all well and are you enjoying this cold wintry weather we're having over the past few days?  God it's so cold I have had to get out my wooly gloves and wooly hat.  I look like a little old lady wandering around but I'm not proud, I have to keep nice and snug.

A big huge thank you to everyone I spoke to last night on channel 950, I hope you all enjoyed looking at me, wearing the sexy red and black lingerie with black ff nylons and 3 strap heels.  I had a wonderful time and even managed to get into some very agile positions once again.  I was told the sexier positions would have to be done after 11pm and then only for a short while.  What a shame as I've found now that I can get into those faraway places, that I really enjoy doing them.  Big thank you also to the legs and foot fans, the nylons stockings fans and also a big promise that next week on the 14th, my toenails will be painted orange.

Tomorrow I am going to see Bryan Adams in concert in Brighton.  I'll be dressed in my leather mini skirt looking like a real rock chick. I'll take a photo so you can all see Lucy out on the town.  Should be a very good night as I love all those old rocky songs.  Summer of 69 etc.

Friday sees me playing tennis once more and also venturing out into the world of webcam.  Once I've sorted everything out guys I'll be sure to let you know all the details.  Love and kisses. Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

6 December 11

Hi Guys

IHope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I didn't get up to much on Saturday, in fact I was just at home being very lazy, watching tv and working on my computer.  On Sunday I met up with a friend of mine who does some filming for me and we shot a couple of clips for my clips store, one called "Hired Help" in which I wore a sexy maids costume and tried on all different coloured ff nylons and the second a clip in one of my clingy dresses, accompanied with red fishnet hold ups and a tiny black thong with red heels.  Those are to be released in the next few days.  I thought today was bloody freezing so I went out with a wooly hat on, big warm coat and thick boots.  Completely unrecognisable to anybody.  I did my shopping and rushed back home again!!
Tomorrow Tuesday 29th November I have a shoot with a photographer called Chris who loves ff nylons and classy dresses.  I'm looking forward to it as it's always very relaxed and a laugh and more importantly, he always brings a bottle of wine as well.  A must have on a shoot!!
Wednesday 30th November, don't forget guys I'm on channel 948 so please look out for me.  I'm undecided yet as to what I am going to wear so it will be a surprise.  Just to let you know that I WILL NOT be working on Friday 2nd December as previously announced.
More news to follow shortly........................ love and kisses Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

28th November 2011


Hi Guys

Well Friday is here and I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend for some fun and frolics.  I just love the weekend because it means I can stay in bed under the duvet!!!  I think I deserve it as I've had rather a hectic week one way and another.  Today I just played tennis for an hour and then braved it into town to do a spot of Christmas shopping.  The shops were all packed out because they were turning on the Christmas lights and just about everybody had turned up to see it.  Tonight I have decided to load my clips up to my store which I did on Thursday with my old friend.  I have two going out over the weekend, the first being a "toy party" clip where I try out all my toys and the second a "little tease" where I am wearing a tight corset and black thigh pvc boots.

I hope you are all enjoying the website and the variety of different shoots I have on here.  As you know I was recently working with the absolutely gorgeous, fabulous Shay Hendrix for a few wrestling matches, a slow tantric oil massage video and some photos and video clips.  Shay is lovely and I really enjoyed working with her, she has such a beautiful figure too.  Also another lady I worked with recently was the exotic Dani Hunt who played the part of sub to my mistress and also another slow tantric oil massage.  What a great girl with a bubbly personality and very entertaining.  You can see all of the stronger stuff in the members area but there are also sneaky previews too so for those of you who are not members you can still see little titbits of what I am getting up to.  I am seriously thinking of working with the sexy Red again very soon (both of us in ff nylons) enjoying a little girly time together.  I hope you approve.  Don't forget guys email me with your requests for the site and personal videos too as I love hearing from you.
Have a great weekend.  Love and kisses  Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

25th November 2011


Hi Guys

Well what an exciting and eventful day I had yesterday.  In the afternoon I was working with a photographer for a fine art project.  It was a nude portrait at my house to be exhibited in a London  art gallery next year  I have never been shown in an art gallery before so it was something new and exciting for me to be part of.  I really enjoyed the shoot and hope to do something similar again sometime.  I set off to the Redlight TV studios at 7.30pm on my normal route.  Unluckily for me one of the roads was closed so I went on a rather strange detour and finally arrived at the studio at 9.30pm.  I was due on set at 10pm so it was a hellish rush to put on my make up and get dressed in half an hour.  I was wearing my red shiny dress and black hold up stockings much to the disgust of a friend of mine who is only interested in seamed nylons!!  Anyhow the evening got off to a flying start when I received a call from a gentleman who loves bendy, supple women.  He asked if I could get my legs back behind my shoulders.  Having done this about 20 years ago I tried and was really surprised to find out that I could still do it.  Encouraged by this sexy move he then asked if I could get into a crab position.  Well blow me down, I could get into that as well.  The calls started rocketing as everyone was very interested in the steamy goings on in front of the camera.  That was the start of a very enjoyable night as the lovely bubbly Cathy Barry was on the set a few metres down from me and the voluptuous Mellie D was next door in the dungeon, with Rachel T on the pole set.  All had a good night and a few laughs too.  Thanks so much to everyone who called me and chatted to me I really appreciate it.  My next show will be on Wednesday 30th November at 10pm.
Tomorrow I am working with an old friend of mine who is helping me out with a few video clips for my  Auntie Lucy store at   I shall let you know how that goes very soon.  Love and lots of kisses  Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

23rd November 2011


Hi Guys

 Hope you're all feeling well and enjoying all the autumn weather.  I had a really brilliant weekend starting with a video shoot Friday night.  A friend of mine who I have known for many years and who has booked me on a regular basis had requested that I take a whole suitcase full of sexy outfits to the shoot.  Very tiny bikinis, full lacy lingerie sets matched with dresses, skirts, blouses and high heels (7 pairs).  Phew!!!  I nearly couldn't zip up my case so had to sit on it with my substantial round bottom.  Well that did the trick and pretty soon I was on my way to Gloucester for the shoot.  First of all though, I insisted on having a good slap up meal at the pub to get things started.  You can't go far wrong with a plate of steak and ale pie, with chips and peas.  Delicious.  Stuffed to the gills I was ready for the shoot which started at 8pm.  My first outfit was a tiny bikini which I did a slow striptease out of, for the video.  Next up was the teacher look which is one of my favourites.  A tight pencil skirt, blouse, lovely lingerie, ff nylons and very high heel patent shoes.  This was a stern affair and ended up being a bit of a bossy talk to camera.  Last but not least was one of my favourite disco dresses as I like to call them.  The shiny red one which just clings to all my curves and fits me like a glove.  What a tease.  Please look out for that outfit guys on Redlight TV on Tuesday 22 November.

Sunday night was a fabulous evening.  Nothing to do with work at all but a fantastic journey to the O2 where I watched the Mens Tennis World Tour Finals.  The match was Nadal v Fish.  I don't know if any of you guys are aware but I play loads of tennis and my most favourite player is Rafael Nadal.  There I was with my spanish flag at the ready all excited.  God what a match it was.  Three long sets with Nadal ending up as the winner in a thrilling third set tie break.  It was all so tense and exciting that I had to go for a stiff drink afterwards to calm down.
Just to remind you that I'm on Redlight TV tomorrow night 22 November but please note:  Friday 25 November has been cancelled.
Speak to you all again soon, love and kisses
Lucy xxx

21st November 2011

Hi Guys

Wow what a busy night I had on Redlight TV.  I was in popular demand for most of the night and want to say a big thankyou to those of you who called me.  As usual I was dressed to thrill in a tight pink metallic dress, matching panties, black ff nylons and black heels.  Feeling very naughty and in the mood for some saucy fun I was delighted to get so many x-rated, dirty calls from you guys and absolutely loved all the steamy action.  I know you love my sexy curves so please keep all your comments coming my way as I love to hear from you.  In the second half of the show I wore a black and red burlesque basque, black suspenders and black nylons teamed with tarty red lacy panties.  Oh how I love dressing up like the classy provocateur that I am.  I'm looking for more outfits guys so if you see anything that you think would look really hot, please email me and let me know and I'll order it and wear it next time I'm on TV.

17th November 2011

Hi Guys

Welcome to my sexy blog.  Thank you to everyone who has been following my website and enjoying all the horny photo sets and videos. I expect you'd like to know a bit more about me and what I get up to on a daily basis with my modelling shoots, video shoots, wrestling sessions and Redlight TV work.  Yesterday I was working with a lovely photographer called Paul a.k.a Flumpo who lives locally to me and had asked if he could shoot some sets for my site.  I arrived bright and early to Paul's house laden down with bags of pvc and rubber clothing.  After a cup of tea I went upstairs to Paul's home studio and changed into a sexy pvc skirt, pvc top and black ff nylons with heels.  The lighting was moody and soon I was posing away and chatting to Paul like we'd known each other for ages.  He took almost 100 photos in half an hour and then it was time to change into my next outfit.  A sexy pink rubber dress, that showed lots of amazing cleavage teamed with my long black pvc boots.  Posing full length to start with I was soon down on the floor on the fluffy rug and stripping right off!!  With only my pvc boots on and nothing else, Paul snapped away and took some x-rated shots for my members area.  Now in full flow and feeling extremely sexy I decided to change into a black rubber pinstripe skirt and tight black rubber top with black chain heels (very dominant).  Posing with a crop and long paddle I was soon strutting my stuff and doing all sorts of naughty poses which I thoroughly enjoyed.  All too soon the shoot came to an end and Paul helped me back to my car with my bags.  With the promise of a sexy shoot outdoors in the near future I waved goodbye and drove home.

Tuesday 15 November I am working for Redlight TV ( on Channel 948 from 22.00 to 5.30am answering all your naughty phone calls and dressing up in very revealing outfits.

 I love to read all your comments so please donít be shy.  Leave me a naughty message.† Perhaps you could tell me what sexy outfits youíd like me to wear on the TV or maybe you have an idea for a photo shoot that I havenít considered. email Lucy

Stay tuned to the blog and keep in touch!

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